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Having a child - a big event in any family. Waiting for him and, of course, ready for it. Infant should be seen in the clean room. Therefore, repair, even cosmetic, or general cleaning - the first thing you need. Finished always associated permutation, update furniture.

Parents are trying to penetrate all hiding places and clean them. In a room where there will be a newborn, you should remove the upholstery, without which you can do, drapes, flowers from the window sills.

The sun's rays should be free to touch the baby. Clean the glass and windows without curtains to get into the room more of these life-giving rays.
Along the way, decided where to put the crib.

The Science of Health recommends that home to bed the child was placed in a bright warm place, but not at the window and not in close proximity to the radiator or heat oven. About the baby should always be fresh air, but you should avoid places of blowing, which easily occur drafts. Finally, it must provide to the crib the child was a free pass.

Many mothers at night pulls the baby crib for his bed. We believe this is inappropriate.
What should be the first bed of the child? Which is better - a bed and basket stroller? It is difficult to give a definitive answer. The cot is convenient, but sticky. Basket is well ventilated, moves, however, makes it difficult to care for the baby. Strollers are convenient for both baby and mother, but they are made mostly of synthetic materials. Permanent residence of the child in a wheelchair breaks his natural ventilation of the bed.