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Stroller with wicker basket, very comfortable for the baby. They are beautiful and hygienic. Better high pram, it gets less dust. At the bottom of the stroller put a mattress, covered with foil. It should turn over frequently, to dry. Cushion in the wheelchair is not needed.

Child needs and bed and wheelchair. The cot can be both metal and wood, in the recent preference for wood. Its easy to clean. A clean bed to the time. As soon as the baby begins to rise on his feet, he often licks its upper part. Therefore, it should be kept perfectly clean i.

The cot must be sufficiently strong and stable. The distance between the bars of the sidewall should not exceed 9 cm; otherwise the child will be able to push into that space head.

Crib with the side wall, guard mesh, is impractical, since the grid fast breaks, and washes it very difficult. Good bed, in which the side wall leans or falls. This allows you to swaddle a baby and take care of him, not taking it out of the crib. There is no need and in a special place for swaddling. Table or bed of parents - the usual place of swaddling - does not satisfy the main medical condition: not disinfected daily. Cot and pushchair baby, which is used for walks and naps in the air, must be periodically aired, disinfected. Incidentally, the stroller is designed for all weather conditions: sunny and rainy, windy and calm, hot and cool. Therefore, it has special adaptations: a folding tent, waterproof apron, and, as a rule, clear dipping the screen. But the use of these devices should be short and only to protect the child from sudden rain or sudden gusts of cold moist air. Improperly received those parents who, even in sunny calm weather kept raised hood, and even curtain of thick muslin or tulle. These curtains are absolutely not necessary, so as prevent natural air circulation. Noticed that a light breeze, touching little face sleeping baby, makes him a deep breath and sound sleep.