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The bed of the child must be flat, since the spine he has no more natural curves. Better bed is hard, because the weight of soft body bend, the result is a fossa and spine all the time in a forced curved position.

As the mattress is not suitable feather, feathers, wool, polyurethane foam - they are too soft and, moreover, contribute to the overheating of the infant, and under the bed shaking from them is an organic dust, which can sensitize (cause increased sensitivity) of the child and be a good medium for breeding house dust mite. Mattress more suited sea grass, hair, shavings, urine.

Options may be different, is an indispensable one condition - the stiffness. The mattress should lay a sheathing or child with one hand a piece of oilcloth. Not recommended for this purpose and a synthetic plastic film.

In the first months of life the child cushion is not needed. In what little time is required semi-rigid flat pad of material that absorbs moisture.
Kid takes a few blankets: a warm (wool or cotton), walking and sleeping in air and light (and flannel fabric) for indoor use. A warm blanket is protected from contamination duvet covers, easy to just disappear. In the warmer months you can replace a light blanket flannel diaper.
Bedding few. This is somewhat of duvet covers, pillowcases and napkins. Better use of duvet covers and pillowcases in an envelope - not to sew on buttons or laces. Personal linen baby is more varied. Newborn needs: cotton vests - 10; vests flannelette - 6 diapers thin 90X90 cm-20; diapers warm - 10; diapers - 20; scarves or caps (fine and warm) -4.
It is not necessary to decorate baby clothes with lace, firmware, openwork, as it makes it tougher and more expensive. Although it concerns children's underwear, used daily. And on the way nice dress your child beautifully decorated with things. In the first month of the newborn lower vest and cap worn inside out so the seams are not traumatized by the soft skin.