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Layette must be prepared in advance. This allows choosing fabrics and garments pleasing colors and a full assortment. Unfortunately, some women, following the prejudices, avoid buying children's items closet to the birth of the baby.

They are poorly represented all the many troubles that befall them in the first weeks after birth, when the deal with the acquisition of clothes and bedding for your baby will not have the time or energy, attention will need to give just come into the house of a new substance.

Pure linen baby should be placed separately, and so it was convenient to take with one hand. Dirty diapers are also needed to be stored separately in the enamel tank (bucket) with lid. This is useful to separate children's underwear soaked in disinfectant solution.

In addition to bed linen and child care items needed. Its toiletries: bath, basin, pitcher, thermometer for measuring body temperature, water and space, terry towel, a sponge (or glove). It also includes brush, comb, scissors, a balloon for an enemy, pipette, a jar with cotton wool, baby soap, hot water bottle, liquid or sunflower oil (boiled) oil, bleach (potassium permanganate), talc (baby powder), graduated bottles and nipples to him.
(Fatherhood duties of his father, family relationships).
Father not is easy. The woman, becoming a mother changed physically. A man, becoming a father has changed mentally. Fatherhood - not only the joy and pride. Fatherhood - that the trouble and anxiety, and restless nights. Parents create a child together. Together they have and it foster and educate. His mother, returning from the hospital, in fact, still very weak. The recovery period lasts one and a half of its strength to two months. She cannot lift weights, overwork, to move a lot. Excessive worries affect the condition of not only the mother but also the newborn. Tired mother's body cannot produce enough milk, and its loss, as we have noted, no fill. It is only natural that the father takes at least some time caring for child care. This is primarily to provide assistance to the baby clean linen, bathing it with his wife, grocery shopping, participates in cooking. The amount of milk the mother state of the nervous system depends on the full value of her dream.