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The child still in the nursing home produced food-seeking periodically reviews (3-3.5 hours). So he wakes up at night to 3-4 hours and begins to cry. But this is - do not cry of hunger.

It's the memory of food. If a child approaches his mother by night, the memories instantly turn into a meal demand, because of the mother smells delicious, warm welcome with milk.

These smells strongly stimulate the baby, and he would cry louder and louder, until satisfied. Meanwhile, bad night feeding and baby and mother. Baby because that prevents night's rest the digestive glands.

By the morning feeding, the largest and important, they do not have time to accumulate the necessary amount of digestive juices, and assimilation of food eaten will be incomplete. Mother of the night feeding deprives rest. In this case violated not only the normal function of the central nervous system, and milk production. That's why at night to the child should stand my father. It does not smell of milk, and his approach does not increase anxiety baby. Memories of food he quickly extinguished, if given a few spoonfuls of boiling water. If after this baby continues to worry, most likely, it is wet. It must be swaddle or change diapers. Every self-respecting father on the first day of stay at home child learns his diaper. This simple science, and master it the first time. More difficult to properly hold the baby in her arms. My father, when he first took the baby, hands over tense and tire quickly. The hands do not get tired, if you put the kid on the elbow bent left arm so that his head was on the shoulder, neck and shoulders - on the inside of the elbow, the palm of the child support above the legs, and he was turned slightly to face your chest. The right hand, there may be free. This position allows you to change hands for fatigue and a free hand to fix anything in the clothing of the child, to support it firmly in the necessary situations. When a baby is convenient to keep on hand and walk with him around the room, it is soothing. And a few more words. Your wife, mother, much has changed. It lived in constant fear for the lives and health of the baby. Dissuade her useless. Do your best to understand it, to show men's endurance and patience. Try to maintain its vitality and an optimistic view of the future. Breast-feeding continues to be a woman. So give her a chance to do, go to the people. This is one of the best methods to achieve peace and smooth spirits. Try to find time for daily walks together with his wife and child. Do not let his wife take the baby on your hands or take a carriage. Your attention to her and the baby will good emotional background. Your efforts - not a feat. They are quite natural. The child will grow, and your share in caring for them will decrease. But you and subsequently will have to run before work on the dairy kitchen, take the child to the nursery or garden, take the time to "live the interests of the child's" play with him. Remember, nothing can replace the joy of the child's father.