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Breathing - One of the main signs of life. It provides gas exchange, absorption of oxygen from the air and its inclusion in numerous stages of metabolism. Respiration provides energy for life processes.

A child needs a lot of energy for active growth and, consequently, a lot of oxygen for "burning" of nutrients. The baby is breathing very often, almost 3 times more often than adults.

Breathing in the newborn generally uniform, but its frequency is changing rapidly under the influence of the smallest external or internal causes.
Over the years, growing and changing shape of the thorax, expanding the airways, increasing the surface of the lungs. Breathing becomes less frequent, but deeper. Increased ability to extract oxygen from the air (in the neonatal period 26 ml of each liter of air per year - 71 ml, at age 7 -133 ml).

Demand for oxygen in humans is different. Lowest in the resting state, such as during sleep, the highest in active movements.
In children, unlike adults with normal breathing obstructions occur more easily. High metabolism causes them to use all internal resources. Hence the dysfunction of the respiratory system in children occurs frequently. They can easily develop severe inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, bronchi and lungs.
The air contains 21% oxygen and a small amount of carbon dioxide. When breathing person acquires oxygen and releases carbon dioxide. So indoors, where many people, the oxygen content is gradually reduced. The wooden and brick house some air passes through walls, windows and door cracks. Furnace heating is most intense exchange of air in the room. In concrete houses with central heating natural gas exchange occurs much more slowly, therefore it is important to regularly ventilate the room in which there is a child. The best way to ventilate - draft. The motion of air in the 7 times more intense than usual. Through-flow and carries the dust suspended in the air. Walls, furniture do not have time to cool down and warm up quickly new incoming fresh air.
Baby before cutting ventilation to make the room. If he stays in bed, it should be covered with a warm blanket.
If you open windows or air transom replaced gradually. If, through-air ventilation is sufficient to change the minutes, then open the window or transom need hours. If weather permits, the ventilator may be open around the clock. Particularly well-ventilated room at night.