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The air in the room where the child should be not only fresh but also clean. House dust - enemy of the child. It not only clogs the lungs baby, but also contains a large number of microorganisms which are deposited on dust grains. Among them are many pathogens.

The best way to remove dust - cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. But it is not obsolete and old wet cleaning method. Wet cleaning allows simultaneous use of disinfectants. In this case the mechanical removal of dust supplemented with disinfection of microbes. The maximum effect is achieved by a combination of both methods of dust control.

Heavily pollute the air in the room smoking. Tobacco smoke contains many different toxic substances that are particularly harmful effect on the growing child's body. Nicotine exerts less harm to smokers than the child to inhale the smoke in smoke-filled room.

Tobacco smoke not only pollutes the air with poisonous substances, but also delays the penetration of ultraviolet rays, so necessary for children.
The child should visit and the outdoors. Only air temperature is below minus 10 ° in the middle zone of the country is an impediment to walking with young children. During the walk children are on hand or carry in a wheelchair. Some mothers believe that a child in her arms more comfortable and warmer. But keeps the baby in her arms tiring, and a walk usually lasts a short time. Today's strollers can extend the walk, to involve the "working father or other family members and use the balcony for a regular sleeping baby in the air. Sleep baby on the balcony and convenient for the mother. She can watch him without interrupting household chores. Balconies and loggias protect the child from the elements (wind, rain, snow), which extends his stay in the fresh air. Sleep on the balcony is nice, but walk in the stroller has other advantages: you can choose a quiet place or rich greenery (parks, squares, gardens) to walk the streets with less traffic, finally, to take refuge from the heat or be in the sun on a cool day.
Sleeping on the air very strong and deep, very useful. Children grow up in a dream. Therefore, you should try to maximize their sleep in the air. Good quality stroller will help you with this. There your baby will sleep outside in any weather.