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In summer, many parents go to the cottage to the child as much as possible was in the air. And rightly so. In each setting, the baby should be in the fresh air 5-6 hours daily.

And the younger the child, the more he needed fresh air. Before the walk, we must verify whether the child is dry, if necessary, change clothes it. Outdoor clothing depending on weather and season, but the baby should wear so that he could not move.

For the kid is very harmful in some dense shroud blankets when the top corner of one of them covers his face. Under these conditions, prevents the normal circulation, deep breathing impossible. Exhaled air accumulates under the covers and does not have time to share. The child suffocated.

Children during the first months of life, it's best to make a walk in the special envelope. It's warm, absorbs moisture, and does not restrict movement. Blanket, you should not pull tight. If weather permits, the baby can be dressed in warm sweaters with sleeves sewn. It is established that sleep is better if you can make small movements and legs.
A sick child needs to walk more than a healthy one. Increased body temperature is not a contraindication to it. On the contrary, fresh, cool air - a necessary part of medical event.
If any child should walk to breathe through your nose. When nose breathing air is warmed, cleaned of dust, moisture and thus enters the lungs. There is one important fact. Because breathing through the nose difficult to include additional act of breathing respiratory muscles. The rib cage expands more, which helps the heart in the venous circulation. If the child is breathing through his mouth, his lungs air is cold, brown. In addition, the mucous membrane of the mouth dries up, creating an unpleasant sensation. Therefore, we must make sure that the baby's nose before taking a stroll was clean.
If your child has a runny nose and nasal breathing violated ("snorted nose" it is expedient to create a "street" in the room. Need to dress as a baby for a walk, and then open the room window. In this case, the air in the room will be fresh, but warmer and less mobile than on the street. In the pre-school and health facilities such as walking, "performed on the heated patios. Length of stay of the child in a" street "in the room is the same as in normal walking. Of course, after such a walk you can strip the baby only after as the air in a room warmed to 20-22 degrees.
For heating or cooling air while swimming well use an electric heater, fan heater, electric fireplaces, etc.